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Why happiness in the workplace is so important

When you think about finding your dream job, what does ‘dream job’ actually mean? Is it earning a decent salary, working somewhere that isn’t a nightmare of a commute away or is it actually something much simpler than that? Is it a job where we’re simply just happy? 

Everyone’s answers are different because everyone is different but more and more studies are showing us that happiness is a key factor in both our own success and the success of the businesses we work for.

Corporate psychologist Gerrie Hawes addresses its importance in her article ‘Happiness is too jazz hands’. She believes that, against a backdrop of ever-advancing machine learning and robotics, businesses should be focusing on the role that their employee’s happiness will play in their future. Here’s some of the reasons she says makes it so important:

Attracting and retaining customers
Happiness is human. When machines can do everything laborious, technical and logical – humans will need to bring the characteristics less easy to programme. Happiness is hard to define – it’s not the same for everyone. At least for now, humans understand and experience happiness better than robots. Customers will take the best tech for granted and will choose to give their business to the suppliers that are most fulfilling to work with – the ones most likely to help them feel happiness and contentment.

Retaining and attracting the best people
…organisations supporting and positively encouraging happiness (contentment or whatever you’d rather call it) will be more likely to attract and retain the most emotionally intelligent people. Happy / positive cultures create a sense of belonging: a sense of one interdependent team working together, supporting each other, with a common purpose…

When you have a positive mindset your intelligence rises, your creativity rises, your energy levels rise. This evidence is counter to the 20th century, Tiger parents’ mantra of ‘success will make you happy’. Too many people have pushed themselves to strive to be extraordinarily successful only to find there is no happiness. Instead it’s becoming clear happy/content people are much more likely to be successful. Some say millennials are already demanding happiness over success…. and it’s not just millennials who are coming to this realisation. A 75-year study at Harvard has shown happiness is a factor in career success, health, relationships and longevity….

Recruitment agencies primarily look at a client’s requirements and a candidate’s skills when matching people to placements but we think that understanding what makes people happy is just as important. We believe that as well as being able to fulfil a role, an employee should feel fulfilled too. This is why we get to know our candidates inside out before we place them.
We’re here to help you find your dream job in events. Submit your CV and we’ll be in touch with tailored advice and handpicked roles that will help you take the next step in your career.

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