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A pioneer of involving and experiential events, Rupert has been developing leaders and inspiring employee engagement within organisations all over the world for the last 15 years.

Rupert is a passionate believer in the power of people, rather than process, as the key to strategy, change and growth in organisations. He believes in simplifying messages and finding practical ways to implement change so that leaders, managers and employees want to do it, rather than feeling they have to. He’s led transformation programmes and events for companies all over the world, helping them develop and implement great customer service; improved leadership and their brand promise, vision and values.

He spent 12 years as the owner and director of INVOLVE, helping to grow the company from a £30k business to a £7m one before leaving to setup Ivory Connection and Event Academy.

He’s worked with the leadership of Airbus, Sainsbury’s, AXA, TNS, UKTI, MARSCoors and many others, picking up a catalogue of awards along the way. As well as working with leadership teams on change programmes, he’s also MC’d and facilitated a range of group events which have varied in size from boardroom to business-wide, with some even hosting thousands of attendees.

He utilises his industry experience within the Event Academy, holding lectures on corporate events and conferences. He also provides invaluable advice to students on how to establish their own event management training businesses.

Aside from his professional achievements, he also happens to be the first person to canoe 2500km down the Zambezi, the fourth longest river in Africa, raising funds for Leukaemia Research (now Bloodwise) along the way.

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